Hugh Jackman White Teeth

I think its fair to say that every woman finds a nice bright white smile desirable and welcoming, perhaps this is why Hugh Jackman is so irresistible to the ladies.

Now if only i knew what type of teeth whitening product Hugh Jackman uses, I'd have the ladies at my fingertips.


Hugh Jackman Long Hairstyle

What do you guys think about Hugh Jackman and this longer hairstyle of his?

I kinda like this hairstyle, however he has another long style which he wears from time to time and its a little sexier.

But lets face it, his short hairstyle is the best of them all, simply irresistible!


Hugh Jackman Wallpapers

Feast your eyes on these beautiful computer desktop wallpapers on the handsome man known no other than Mr. Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman Wallpapers.


Hugh Jackman Height

Have you ever wondered how tall the studly "Wolverine" star is?

Well i did a little investigating and discovered his height is 6 foot 2 inches tall.


Hugh Jackman Look-A-Likes

What do you think folks?

Does the former professional NBA basketball player Toni Kukoc, resemble the studly Hugh Jackman.

I think hes a great Hugh Jackman look a like.